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"Nurses please read the bill tracker and take appropriate action.We encourage you to "Support HB 31, SB 48, SB 95 and SB 108.....--This is your opportunity to have an impact on several health care issues.


See  and go to Bills -->2017 General Session Bills --> House Bills or Senate Bills by bill number, to read entire bill."


a.     Nurses Day at the Legislature will take place on Feb. 17, 2017 from 0800 to 1000 in the Hall of Governors which is located on the ground floor of the Capitol building. 

b.     Please contact your legislators NOW to support SB 48, the revised language for renewal of the Nurse Licensure Compact Law.  Also ask your legislators to support HB 31, the reauthorization of the Healthcare Workforce Financial Assistance program which offers scholarship and loan repayment funds to those healthcare workers who work in underserved areas. 

c.     We encourage you to read the above bills and to contact your legislators NOW to support these bills. To find bills, go to and open tab of bills, you can search by the bill number.



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